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Buy and Sell any vehicles on JC Auto Action

JC Auto Auction connects dealers nationwide. JC is the only auction that doesn’t charge dealers to sell.
About JC auto auction

Sell your car within 20 minutes on the JC Auto Action App for FREE


Simply create a vehicle listing by scanning VIN number and attaching pictures. Submit to auction and accept the highest bid. Please NOTE: Sellers must describe the vehicle information correctly. Otherwise you will be suspended.


Set a specific radius and get instant notifications when there is a new listing in your area and place a bid.

Create a listing of the vehicle

Put details of your vehicle, whether it's a car, a truck, a van, or an equipment, scan VIN number, and don't forget to add photos.

Buyer sets the radius

Set the radius and get notifications when there is a new listing in your area and place the bids.

Check Details

Buyers who wants to bid on a listing, make sure you read all the vehicle details before placing a bid.

Bidding On Cars

Buyers can search for a vehicle you like, place bids, and wait for the owner to award it to you.

Why use JC Auto Auction

Quick and reliable way to sell and buy any vehicles. We made it easy for you.

You can sell or buy a car within 20 minutes

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Clean Design

JC Auto Action’s design is user-friendly and straightforward.

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Sending Messages

A seller and a buyer can start sending messages after the car owner accepts the offer.

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Data Security

JC Auto Auction keeps your data protected by giving only you access to all your important information.

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Notification Management

Notifications sent to you are those that are relevant to your account and to the app.


Sell or buy any vehicles

JC Auto Auction’s user interface is simple and easy to navigate.

Fill out the form

Get a guide with market overview of what your car may be worth. Thank you!

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